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Name:Usa Tsukino (Black Lady)

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Name: 月野 ちびうさ (tsukino chibiusa)Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (AU)
Title: Black LadySpecies: Terran
Alias: Himeko MikazukiGender: Female
Age: Unknown, between 18-23Special Items: LunaP


"Defeating Guardian Chaos caused an imbalance within the Chaos Cauldron. To restore order, all those who have been labeled "villains" in the past have been reborn and placed on earth in various walks of life." - SailorWar RP

The remaining echoes of Chaos began to assemble in the form of the Wiseman, seeking to regain the fragments lying dormant within those who had been reborn. Fate and destiny are not always what they seem, and sometimes they can be twisted and altered to serve another purpose. As the dark powers began to gain power, it knew it needed a physical hand to effect the changes it desired. There was one possibility, but it would take all the power it had gathered. Chibiusa Tsukino was taken in the night, her destiny altered, so that Black Lady was reborn. She was educated and given special abilities to seek out those fragments of Chaos now scattered upon the Earth. If they would not join her, she was given not only the power but permission to destroy them. After all, they would be reborn again soon enough and the process would start all over.

Her first mission was to find Dimande, but finding him was not a straightforward task. Black Lady adopted the name Himeko Mikazuki in order to pass herself off as a college student. There she located not only Dimande, but also Saffir, who did everything he could to keep Black Lady away from the former prince. Had there not been other pressing matters at hand, she would have continued her pursuit. But two of the shitennou had not only reawakened on their own, but they'd broken from the control Beryl once exerted over them. When given the chance to join her mission, they refused, and though Black Lady hesitated they were dispatched. That put the first crack in the control the Wiseman had over her, a crack further widened by a chance meeting with Usagi and Mamoru. After assisting in the awakening of Nehellenia and Galaxia, she began to devise her own ideas in her times alone. She began to find her original memories, but feelings beyond rage were slow to surface. She kept her ideas to herself, continuing the work assigned to her, until something happened she couldn't ignore.

When she was commanded to seek out Hotaru and reawaken Mistress 9, the Wiseman's control over her began to break down. He tried to play on her true feelings of loneliness, reminding her what a good friend Hotaru had been and how close they'd be when they were working together. The whole thing backfired, Black Lady attacked the Wiseman and retreated to the former site of the Dark Kingdom. There were gateways, dimensional barriers that made finding her difficult. She refused to get near Hotaru, or any of the others, not until she had a plan, and better control over the darker impulses and false memories that had overtaken her mind. Regression was a constant problem, and the desire to feel anything more than hate and rage was easily turned around to rationalize many things.

There was one person that could help, but finding him wouldn't be easy. Saffir was always the level headed one, he knew something wasn't right even when Dimande had been corrupted with power. But he'd long since left the college where she'd initially found him. Without her, she thought Chaos wouldn't be able to finish its work, but Nehellenia had captured Helios and through him began to locate others. Jadeite was making his own plans, recruiting PallaPalla and a few others for his own nefarious purposes. Things had grown to dire proportions, and the senshi were barely aware of what was happening. Black Lady tried to warn them, but they wouldn't listen to her. They were so focused on talking her down, telling her how much they cared that they completely missed the point. Without them, without the ginzuishou, she couldn't fight all of the awakened darkness on the planet. That's when she came up with her own idea, an idea that would keep the senshi out of the fight and purge the world of the darkness she'd helped unleash. The problem was, it meant going against the senshi, because they'd never agree to what she was planning. Gaining the ginzuishou for herself would not be easy, and they'd never believe she had their best interests in mind. Five years after being transformed, she made it her own mission to put things back they way they'd been before.

(Black Lady/Tsukino Chibiusa) © (Takeuchi Naoko/Kodansha)
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.
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